Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!

What a week! Won some lost some! But it is Friday and I am ecstatic! My "Summa Lova" Whitney is coming in town today which means I will probably partake in some binge drinking this evening. *shrugs* I think we are going to watch the stupid IU vs Kentucky game tonight. Even though I strongly dislike both teams! I honestly hope Kentucky wins, especially since Purdue is out of the tourney. Michigan State's loss last night kind of hurt my feelings also.

<------ One of my Bff's, Jenae, hit me up this week saying she has been thinking of me a lot lately. Ironic. She pinned this shirt! I want it now! I am such a t-shirt type of gal. You would totally not think that but I am. Jenae has been living in LA for the past two years. She was in the Teach for America program. But this summer she is all mine! Let the schemes begin!  

I know I am excited for the weekend but I do work tomorrow. What else is new. I also have to work an event at the Indiana State Museum Saturday, "Black Poets Rock!"

Tasha Jones will be among many others who will attend the event Saturday at the State Museum. I was able to listen to a snippet of her at the last event I worked there. So I look forward to this weekend. Check out HERstory.

Do you watch 'Mad Men'? I never really got into the show!

I love me some Jon Hamm though. I saw him during Super Bowl! He is surely beautiful & Has a great butt. Ha #random. I might try and catch up on all the past episodes and start watching it this season. Just to see what all the rave is about!

Oh yea, did I mention to you guys HUNGER GAMES IS OUT?! I think I will wait until Sunday or at least Monday to go see it! I'm uber geeked.

Not only is Club Monaco opening their website on Monday it is also exactly 4 months until my 25th Birthday! I will start my freal exercise planning to get to my goal weight! My girlfriend Danielle texted me this morning asking how my 25 before I'm 25 is going... I responded, "ummmm... about that." so you know what that means! I will do better though! I clearly can't build a snowman anymore this year so there is already one thing off the list! lol I'm almost complete with not spending any money an entire pay period, only have like 12 more movies to see, & I've ordered my fast! So those will soon be crossed off! (fingers crossed)

My girlfriend, Cylvia, I'm doing P90X with has me hooked on Frozen Yogurt. So good! This was fat free strawberry with fresh strawberries & gummy bears lol.

National Puppy Day! today would be the perfect day to get one! Check out cute pics here!

Check out Katy Perry covering Jay-Z/Kanye West Ni**as In Paris.

Emerson Fry's spring collection!

LOL! Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twitter's 6th anniversary. Celeb's reading their fav tweets!

"Whatever Relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution."
- Deepak Chopra

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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