Monday, March 26, 2012

Promising start.

I like this! I found it on Tumblr. This is so true. I woke up this morning feeling so tired, probably because I finally had a Sunday off. it was well spent I felt. I went to church with my mom & boyfriend in Anderson, IN called, The Bridge. I had been before when I was younger with my mom. It was refreshing. I love going there. It is so laid back and straight to the point. And the band is always amazing! (weekly discussions. Read: Mark 8:34-38 & John 6:38-40). The main discussion of the day was are you a fan or are you a follower. It was pretty ironic because he tied this in with P90X which like I told you before I just started with my girlfriend.

Fan: a fan of P90X would just be someone who buys the tapes and just let them sit on the shelf
Follower: a follower of P90X would be someone who actually consistently and faithfully follows the program.

In my mind I am turning into a follower. We did the program everyday last week! Today is exactly 4 months from my birthday so today I will begin to mark my progression! Wish me luck!

So I couldn't wait. After I got off work on Saturday we saw The Hunger Games (at 11:30pm). I had worked from 10am - 8pm. So I was pretty tired I don't know why I thought I could sit through a 2.5 hour movie. Well needless to say I could not. Jean slept through the entire thing and I kept dosing in and out. I don't know why I ask people their opinions on movies. I always end up formulating my own opinion. Everyone I asked loved the movie. My thoughts: I thought it was decent (the parts I did see) I thought it was kind of too much. I know that they had to explain what was going on but I just thought it was okay. Some of Katniss' facial expression didn't line up to what I thought she was experiencing in the book. But that is just my opinion.

#Pause. One of my favorite friends from High School and fav white boy ever in life just came to visit me at work. Evan Jinks *blushing* lol. JK But he is in town from Denver, CO. So good to see him! I've known Evan since 7th or 8th grade! 

These pics are from Summer 2007. The summer after my Freshman year at Purdue! It was an amazing summer! I can't believe that was like almost 6 years ago! Wow. 

Today is Make up your own Holiday Day! Perfect reason to play hooky!
The Anti Diet.

Check out this 15 year old girl covering Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Vibe magazine showing pictures of celebrities supporting Trayvon Martin.

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