Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do you know what today is?...

THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I know it has felt like spring for weeks now and has pretty much been already feeling like summer. I don't know about you but I am still geeked. I lovee warm weather and longer days. Sunshine seriously just does something to me. It gives me no reason to be upset about anything! I am such a summer baby! I suffer from seasonal moodiness, or moodiness in general. (sue me)

Ps. I wish these flowers were for me. lol ;)

So, I was going to focus this post on something totally different, something more personal, until I remembered it was the first day of spring. We had a change of speed. I will leave that post for another day!

I will just keep it brief and let you know what has been going on in my life.

- March MADness will certainly leave you MAD! Purdue lost Sunday night against Kansas. They were up the entire game. I was pretty much pissed all Monday and heard about it the whole day from all the Ohio State & IU fans I work with. Hmph! I feel so bad for Robbie! He is such a great player & has been through so much. I rememebr him as a young freshman when we had Math 154 together. Great things are to come his way!

- My girlfriend Cylvia & I started P90X last night! I'm super excited. I was being so indecsisive about what gym I wanted to join. This way I can save money and spend time with a friend. We had a lovely talk afterwards also!

- Everyday this week I have met with my client with the National Black MBA Association. They are hosting an event in the Indiana Convention Center in September and I will be their coordinator. I am pretty eager to find out more details!

- The Hunger Games comes out Friday! I cannot wait. I kind of want to reread the 1st book again. But I'll pass. I have too much to do. I think I will wait until next Monday to go see it though. I hate crowded movie theaters.

- Cakes from Costco > * (and we will leave that at that.)

- OPI Spring 2012 Holland Collection is out. I recently saw them on display and it took almost everything out of me to not buy 3 of the shades! I'm obsessed.

- Smokey Eye tips! I sure need em. I just throw stuff on my eye lids & pray it looks okay! lol

- Need help budgeting. Check this out!

- 5 Teens were shot downtown In Indianapolis Saturday, 3/17! Read more here.

- How to live with no regrets & health habits to help you live to 100. (not that I want to live that long... who knows lol)

- I'm obsessed with this blog & her family!

" We may not like it, but it really is important to stop every once and awhile, get out of our own head, and see the bigger picture. Actually, finding out that you've been looking at things all wrong, can be sort of liberating. And suddenly, you see new potential, new possibilities, where you've never seen them before. And that's all fine when a hopeless situation suddenly looks good. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes the other way." - Grey's Anatomy (I know my last post was mostly with Grey's info. but I just lovee the show!)


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