Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 things to complete before I'm 25.

After a coworker Kayla told me about her blog and her sole purpose for creating this blog was to complete 101 things in 1001 days that she has never done before. I thought this was a great plan. So I decided I would do something similar.
 My 25th Birthday is June 26th. That gives me approximately 6 months to complete 25 things I have never done before. Granted 6 months is not a long period of time to really reach some personal goals I have. I have constructed a list that will be very feasible to complete within my allotted amount of time.
1.       Find  a church to join I enjoy attending & go consistently
2.       Join a club/board
3.       Donate to a Charity/ do volunteer work for an organization I’m passionate about
4.       See a movie at a driver in
5.       Build a snowman
6.       Buy a puppy
8.       Have a garage sale
9.       Get to my goal weight –
10.   Start a scrap book
11.   Try (10) new recipes: (6/10)
12.   Buy something expensive I want for no reason (jewelry, shoes, or purse)
13.   Read (3) new books
14.   Start an IRA
15.   Go on/plan a romantic weekend
16.   Go on a fast/cleanse
17.   Start a blog
18.   Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen with each letter of the alphabet: (14/26)
19.   Go on a picnic
20.   Go to the zoo
21.   No social networks for at least a month
22.   No fast food for a month
23.   Save xxxx $$
24.   Get student Loans down to $xxxx
25.   Spend $0 of 1 whole check (besides bills/groceries/gas)
-          I know this is sort of off the list but I will save $20 for every task completed.
I am proud to say that I can already cross one item off my list. #17 Start a blog. I just did! I hope you continue to read about my progress!

  • ♥ Lindsay Estelle 

    1. This is such a cool idea. My best friend and I decided to do a list, too. Good luck with yours! Followed :)

    2. Thanks Micky! I hope I get them all done in time! Good luck to you also.