Saturday, February 25, 2012

price vs. value.

This has been probably the most hectic week at work since I started in September. I do feel as though I got a lot accomplished. Of course my week is not over. I am here now at work. The NFL Combine is here in Indianapolis and I have like six events going on right now (they are all irritating my soul).This is also the first weekend of me working six weekends in a row #WOMP.

I know it is already Saturday but do you guys have any exciting plans for the weekend? Last night a couple friends and I went to Morty's Comedy Joint. There was a recent GroupOn for it so I thought why not! The first two acts were hilarious the headliner not so much. Then this morning I took the twins to see the sneak preview of 'The Lorax' in 3D. They enjoyed and as did I, although I was straining to stay awake. I can't wait to get off and crash.

Today is the 4th day of Lent and I'm still going strong. I have not been on Twitter/Facebook, eaten pork/beef (this is a lie: yesterday I was starving and got a flat bread sandwich from Subway. out of habit I asked for ham as soon as I was done I was like shit that was pork! not again though!) or fried potatoes or at the pasta place (the name is One South lol but I always call it 'The pasta place') I have also not taken one sip of alcohol! So I am going to stick with it! I know you only have to give up one thing but I chose multiple. I am also going to church tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I never go consistently. I don't do a lot of things consistently But it is never too late. A few friends of mine knew I was giving up Twitter for Lent and called me saying that I have tweeted... Because i clicked for a few of my tumblr posts to go straight to my twitter. I don't really consider this tweeting since I have yet to be logged on. I'm not doing it for them I am doing it for myself so it should be on my terms. Not sure how I should go about this but we shall see.

A few other highlights from my week:

- Caught up with one of greatest friends, Brynn. I don't like using the term "best friend" but she is close. She understands my #Fluff lol. One day a few weeks back we were texting and she goes, "When I get married you will be one of my bridesmaids." And I responded that I was thinking the same thing about her. She is def ALWAYS there for me! We def. have a special bond.
<--- Pic from Purdue University Homecoming 2011

- I was driving to work one day this week and saw a young man walking with track shoes around his neck and he stopped to give a homeless man some cash (and it was more than just one single). This touched me. He was walking, close to the highway, but still was giving to those less fortunate.

- I was able to cross off one of my 25 before 25 things! I finally finished The Hunger Games series!

- A few lessons we can learn from Jermey Lin before we go back to work on Monday.

- I lovee to see my friends succeeding! Check out my childhood friend Ethan W. & girlfriends younger brother, Peter new video for 'Beverly Official'.

- Wouldn't you just LOVE to live here. This is my number one place I want to visit before I die.

- Check out this cool, creative video dedicated to Steve Jobs

Oh yea, Oscars this weekend! Who do you look forward to seeing on the Red Carpet? Who do you want to win?

"... Know your worth & value don't give out any discounts!"


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