Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap, hump day?

Sooooo.... I am all over the place as of now. I'm blaming Leap Day! lol. And also the fact I have now been one week without twitter. Bla! And I am also in the process of moving offices (one with a window! yipppee) No, but I have been super busy at work trying to finish up this stuff for the Work Truck Show moving in this weekend. Two more people have left the company and this was one of their events and of course now it is mine. Next week I have to be here at like 6:00 AM EVERYDAY! So just a warning my posts might be a little on the angery side.

My week thus far:
1) My good friend from Cali sent me this picture this morning that totally made me day! Just look at this face! My entire photo album in my phone is compiled of her pictures!

2) I am glad I was able to find some clarification on a few things that were bothering me. People kill me.

3) Had a long conversations with one of my besties from high school about 'The Hunger Games', the movie & the book. We are both super duper excited for it to come out.

4) Even though my 25th birthday is not until June I found this dress last night that I think is perfect... It is red! #owww

5) I met with a financial advisor last week. (I can't remember if I told you guys this or not) I was asking him some questions and he made a good point, "rich people could care less about credit."

6) My Sister/best friend sent me this picture the other day that cracked me up & said it reminded her of me. haha. I was cracking up. Her birthday is this Saturday. What should I get her? ---->

7) It is 63 degress & sunny right now. I think I will eat my lunch outside. Yesterday my coworker and I went to the gym on our lunch break.

8) I'm excited to check out Kid Cudi's new CD WZRD. (I'm back on my Curren$y kick right now though.)

9) I need to send out Thank You notes to all my clients. I was really good about this when I first started but now I am terrible.

Oscars: My favs! (even though I fell asleep before it was over lol) What were some of your dest dressed & Favorite moments?

These are my favorite Oscar/Vanity Fair red carpeters (in order). I have been loving Kelly Osbourne's look lately & Miley Cyrus just blew me away! I also love love love Christopher Plummer's speeh when he won his award. It was sooo heartfelt! I now must see Hugo & The Descendants.  

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