Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Linds lately...

I have seriously been slacking the month of May! I can’t even recall what I have been doing. Then again when I look back on my calendar I’ve had like 5 different events over the course of the month so I guess I have been pretty busy. I coordinated the Indianapolis 500 Festival: Mini- Marathon Expo.  Which was pretty exciting. I worked with a great client which is always helpful.
Let me give you a little update on what has been going on in my life. I finally decided to join a gym (clearly P90X was a failure) I did it for about 6 weeks but wasn't seeing the results I wanted. So now I'm just calorie counting and trying to work out as much as possible. My sister and I are supposed to be doing a competition to see who can lose the most weight by my birthday. Which is like a month away. I CANNOT LOSE!
My girlfriend, Caitlin was in town the past few weeks. She was helping her father with his campaigning. He is a Democratic Judge (he won!!) She invited me to go to the Aziz Ansari stand-up comedy show. It was hilarious. We were really good friends from like 4th grade - Sophomore year. But we went to different high schools and sorta drifted apart. But it is always good to see her and catch up. We also went to BRU Burger on Mass Ave. It was AMAZING! I Didn't even get a hamburger. I can't wait to go back and get one though. We also got a few drinks at Front Page Sports Bar & Grill. Which played AMAZING music!
But I really need to sit down somewhere. The very next weekend my best guy friend & I took a trip down to Atlanta. Which turned out to be amazing. But it usually always is! We drove down there Friday & got back Monday morning (was late for work of course. smh) Here are a few pics from the wknd. He took me to Tin Lizzie's Cantina & I got Nachos that were to die for! #yum I forget the club we went to on Friday but of course Saturday we went to Noni's and were turnt up... per usual. I went there last time I went to visit and had a great time. If you ever get down there you should def check out both places. I lovee this city but not sure I would ever want to live there. If you can't tell I got my highlights redone!
What else has been going on in my life? at work we had an 'Employee Appreciation' Day & played like field day type events (football throw/40 yard dash) I got 3rd place for 35 and under in the football throw & I tied for 1st in the 40Yr Dash. I ran a 5.9 (in someone elses shoes & Dress slacks) then we had a tie breaker and my coworker beat me (but it was her shoes I was wearing the first time...) So I feel like we should have a rematch. Anyways it was pretty fun! And since I placed I received two half days off of work! YES!
This past weekend was the Indy 500. I went for the first time ever (crazy huh? living in Indiana all my life) My coworkers and my girlfriend Brittany and I went. It got pretty crazy at an early hour. But it was fun. I'm glad I got to experience it at least once in my life. Was supppper hot though.
Dude, my summer is soo jam packed! I work this weekend. Next weekend in Chicago for one of my besties bdays. Then the next weekend (fingers crossed) will be in DC. Then the wknd after if my 25th birthday wknd. Thennnn for like the entire month of July I have three different events. Then right after my LA/VEGAS/ATL trip! Can't wait. But that is basically my ENTIRE Summer. Here are 10 reasons why you SHOULD travel!
So here is an update on how my 25 by the time i turn 25 is going. (pretty much a failure) : / I have a month left to
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I will leave you with some Link Lovin'
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Welp that is all I have for you today. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful HUMP day!
Courage is an angel that makes the difference between a good life and a great life.
- Fairly Legal

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