Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness!

Let me first start off by saying BOILER UP! Last Friday I scalped tickets to go to the Big Ten Tourney. I was super scared that our tickets wouldn't work. THEY DID! I went to the Michigan vs. Minnesota game which was super exciting. I went into overtime. (I was wishing I could tweet during the entire game) Then we stayed to watch the Purdue vs. Ohio State game which was stupid. Purdue ticks me all the way off. They so could have won. But whatev. they are in the tourney! Do you all have your Brackets filled out? I don't I need to get on it. I usually cheat & fill out more than one lol. *shrugs*

So I finally had a day off! Monday was spent mostly relaxing. I went to multiple malls and of course threw a temper tantrum because I didn't see much I liked. I bought a dress (probably should be a shirt) from Urban Outfitters for only like $15! SUPER SAVE! lol

This weather has been absolutely amazing. Although, I am scared to see what it will be like this summer if we are already pushing the 70 degrees! But of course I am not complaining. I love summer, heat, sunshine! It already has me feeling some kind of way, free I guess I should say. Ha. March Madness I tell you!

So we had three new employees start with our company this past week. I pretty much like all of them I think they will be a good fit to our department. The most exciting part of it all is that one of the girls (who went to IU, I won't hold it against her) will be 25 the same day I will!!! Now you know I couldn't hold my excitment in for anything! lol

I know I am going in reverse but I just wanted to share with you the event I held this past weekend. It was Brickworld Indianapolis. It was a complete success. I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did! Here are a few pictures I took from the event.

1. Is a picture of a guy on a balcony smoking a bong.
2. inside of Lucas Oil Stadium & the players on the field were the Patriots & Gaints
3. Is outside of the Stadium
4. Is a guy riding a camel (I think) w/ a sign that says, "stop buying clone brick)

LMAO! I loved it!

This weekend isn't as fun I have a Cheerleading event. Womp!
 How do you feel about daring marketing attempt? This company has turned homeless people into Wireless Hotspots. They are being paid but this has had tons of backfire!

This past weekend was 'The Hunger Games' premiere! I am uber stoked for this movie to come out! I lovee blogger, Elements of Style, comparison of Twilight to The Hunger Games. - "Hunger Games. I read the series last year in like, a hot minute. As a Twilight lover I was game for any new young adult trilogy but this one was of another breed. One in which women are empowered not left pining for an undead, semi-violent lover (don’t worry Edward, still love you most). If I had a daughter I’d much rather she read Hunger Games than Twilight any day of the week. I loved it!" I totally agree! And yes, I am an Edward fan as well!

I'm not married but I did just get a raise- owww!
“almost 40 percent of U.S. working wives now out-earn their husbands..." Click the read more.

Glad to now be following Ever Swoon. An event planner. Def. someone to look up to!

"So I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice." - Philppians 1:18
 Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!


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