Thursday, March 8, 2012

In my dreams...

One thing you should learn about me is that I believe. I believe in horoscopes, superstitions, dreams, love. All of that jazz I just do. I don't know why always have and probably always will.

As of lately I have been having very vivid dreams. And for some reason they have been involving a lot of celebrities. It started one night right before I went to sleep the last person I was texting was my girlfriend, Brittany. That night I had a wild dream involving J. Cole (they had a recent encounter). That is the only method to the madness I could come up with. All I remember is us being in a store buying shoes & an xbox & about to get kicked out by a security guard.  But one aspect sticks out more than all of that. I remember my teeth falling out. This isn't the first time I've had a dream involving my teeth and some sort of tragedy with that. After research I found a couple of interpretations of this dream.

1. loss of control
2. feeling helpless and/or anxious
3. afraid of change
4. not wanting to look bad
5. If you cover up your mouth in the dream it could mean you are trying to hide something or you feel embarrassed.
Also the Huffington Post had a pretty interesting article about it. It stated that when you wake up from the dream you should ask yourself this question, "What am I failing to really bite into?" It also gave one trick to avoid these dreams - LIVE FREELY!

I've also been having a lot of dreams about my girlfriend, Alexa lately. I must really miss her. In one of my dreams Alexa and I were driving to a cabin and Jay-Z was in the car next to us and decided to ride with us to clear his mind for some new lyrics. lol. In my last dream I dreamt I was at Victoria Secret and Heidi Klum & Julia Roberts were shopping but Julia was the same height as Heidi. I don't know my mind just makes these things up! lol

On another note. My week has been pretty interesting. I am coordinating all the meeting rooms and ballrooms for National Truck Equipment Association. It was been a rough few weeks because originally it was one of my coworkers shows but him and his wife moved to Seattle so needless to say it was turned over to me. There was tons of confusion/miscommunication and all that jazz. Not on his behalf he was great! Even after he left he was still helping me with some of the work and I definitely need to send him a thank you card! Yesterday former President Bush spoke at their 48th annual meeting. This was an amazing experience to be apart of. I went on like four secret service run through this week. Just felt so important to be there to help execute such an important meeting!

I didn't sit through the entire meeting but I did listen to majority of the former President's speech. he was pretty funny and had some good points I took note on:
- It's awesome not being president anymore although he missed being pampered and not having to stop at stop lights. And now his wife makes him do the dishes.
- Power can be very addicting
- He stated that he believes it undermines the presidency if you criticize successor. And that it is a hard job regardless.
- Fathers should love their children
- If you are running an organization make sure you have very clear goals in mind.
- The former President ended with God is good, all the time!

Since I can't tweet here is my mini twitter feed:
**Big Ten Tournament starts today!!!! I lovee college basketball & March Madness! #BOILERUP
**I lovee 'The Voice'
**This guy that works at the stadium sent me a box of Pretzel Crisps because he is friends with the owner! #yum 
**My girlfriend, Whitney, must really miss me. She sent me this text, "I miss u. Can u just quit & move up here? u can crash at our place til u have a job & just pay us in sexual favors & domestic duties" (love my friends)

This post is getting pretty long so I will wrap it up but here is some link lovin'

Check out Maya Brenner Designs. I love her jewelry & makes for perfect gifts!

So I have been wanting to touch on this subject for awhile now. Election time is around the corner and campaign season has come back around. I am troubled by Rick Santorum and ideology on birth control. Do you think insurance companies should cover it or not? Here are a few links on his statements.
1 // 2 // 3

Check out this 13 year old BOY singing Adele's Someone Like you!

Few pics from photo booth fun at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party!

Peyton Manning's tearful goodbye. I'm sad he is leaving but I think it is honestly the best for the Indianapolis Colts! Where do you guys think he will go next? Or will he retire?!

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