Tuesday, April 10, 2012

& never forget.

I was going to write this post and pretty much complain. But then I decided that it is too beautiful outside for me to sit there and bicker of all things going wrong at the moment. Instead I need to highlight all the things going right, there are certainly more anyways.

My moms’ youngest sister, Carey Bryson, is certainly an inspiration for this post as well as an inspiration in life. I kind of don’t want her to read this post simply because I don’t think words can measure up to the woman she has become. I can remember (not really) being a flower girl in her wedding when her and my uncle got married when I was like two or three years old. She was there in Maryland when I was born while my mom was in the navy and always says she was there when I took my first step.

My mom told me awhile ago that she wanted to take this Midwife trip to Uganda. A trip to help train midwives but certainly helps the local community by delivering an average of 20-30 babies a day. She was unsure because it does cost a lot and she does have 5 children that still live at home with her and my uncle Steve. But I logged on facebook when I woke up this morning to see she has purchased her ticket. I’m not sure when she is going but this seriously is so wonderful!

I could go into so many details about my moms’ side of the family but I will leave it simple. They are amazing! I love them so much and so proud to be apart of the Marsh lineage. My mom has traveled Russia and Honduras on trips to learn more about nursing and their practices and now my aunt is going to Uganda. Who would have thought?!

Not that I totally believe everything my aunt stands for or does but I totally support. I remember in college writing a research paper based on her and my cousins. It had to do with homeschooling your children and how it affected them socially. And as far as my younger cousins it has not affected them one bit. (I got an A of course!) But I learned a great deal from them and all they are involved in. One of my cousins is only 16 years old and is already enrolled in college courses! When I was younger my cousins were my best friends. We seriously did everything together. My mother is the only one of her siblings that only had one child. Therefore I have no brothers and sisters (well on her side, another post, another time) I'm not as close to them as I used to be but they certainly have helped shape me into the person I am today. And seeing the relationship they have with each other as well as my mom to her sister I cannot wait to have a large family.

Oh. Did I mention that my mom is the only one in her immediate family that graduated from college? Well besides myself. She is a Registered Nurse! woop woop!

 Above is a picture of my aunt from the 80's lol

To the left is a picture of My Cousins & I what looks like on Easter.
(Me, Gay Marie, Logan, & Clark) These aren't my Aunt Carey's children.

Here is more information if you want on my aunt's trip to Uganda. Click here. There are plenty of ways to help.

"Never forget where you came from otherwise you will never know where you are going."

And so many times we point out all the negatives going on around us we forget to look at the positives from situations.


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