Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday!

Sooo... How was your week? Mine was EXTREMELY busy! I had so much catching up to do from the Super Bowl. I am glad the week is finally coming to an end & I actually have the whole weekend off and even thinking about taking Monday off! This has been a pretty trying week as well. I had expectations for a few things that did not go as planned. But Such is life.

I had a great business lunch with my uncle today & have a meeting with a financial advisor next Wednesday. So good things are coming near.

Do you have plans for the weekend?
I really don't have anything planned. Tonight getting my hair did then probably out for some drinks w/ a few people. Other than that I hope to just relax, finish this book so I can mark off another 25 before 25 task! (I'm not doing so hot on my list - I need to get on that). I still have 4 more months!

I guess with all this being said I will leave you with some cool links to check out over the weekend.

- The Law of Career Attraction: Get Seduced. This is pretty interesting especially (I need to work on NOT abbreviated that word) if you are young and not sure which direction you would like to take your career.

We are all a piece of the same puzzle- Everyone should for sure check out Janae Rogers, JustPieces. Pretty talented, gorgeous young lady. I support!
Guided to deliver pieces of useful everyday lifestyle gadgets to shape a image of what life is made of. Established in February 2010, JustPieces has been created to give a wide range of what life can be like from different aspects such as : lifestyle, advice, reality, sense of style, and sound. 
- Love Liz, Sequins & Stripes: DVF Spring 2012! Love love love the color sequance.

- I really would like to try this Apple Tart Recipe.

- Check out the latest from NYFW.

- OMG! Check out Jordan Britt! Her voice is A-MAZing! This is her cover/mashup of Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' & Aaliyah's 'Are You That Somebody'. I love it! (I love when I find a good cover :)

- Did you watch the Grammy's? Can't remember if I mentioned this yet or not but I simply LOVED Rihanna & Coldplay's performance! Take another look here!

I hope you all have a fabolus weekend. It is supposed to be super sunny here! I can't wait!


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