Monday, February 13, 2012

As of late.

Where to begin? I have not written in awhile now. (#pause every time I say awhile in my head I purposely pronounce the ‘H’. Thank you Family Guy!) I haven’t updated my blog because I have been so busy living and taking in all that has been happening around me. I now finally have the time to sit down and record my findings.

I guess I will start with this. About 2 weeks ago I decided to change some things up. I went to a new hair stylist Tark with J. Agan Salon. I was in there for wayy too long & paid wayy too much. But I am truly satisfied with the results. (Ombre hair color)

Not sure if I have mentioned this or not but I work for the Indiana Convention Center. During Super Bowl 46 we hosted the NFL Experience in our building. The outcome of this event as well as other events around the city to include the game turned out to be simply phenomenal. We could not have asked for more from the residents of Indiana they truly 'put on' for their city. Not to mention we were truly blessed to have such amazing weather.
Indianapolis had great reviews so hopefully the Super Bowl will return. Check this out.

Here are a few pictures I captured of found during the few weeks our city was turned over to the NFL. I wish I would have taken more pictures but until I get my iPhone (when the 5 comes out) this is the best you will get :)

(left to right) Indy 500 cars on the Circle // Me petting a polife horse after the Wiz concert // My best friend Antoine & I getting ready to zip line. (check out the video)  // view from above // High School friends Morgan & Antoine // JW Marriott // Genevieve & I @ Sensu

I am finally back to my regular sleep pattern which means I will finally get back to hitting the gym today. I need to do better. Finding the motivation is damn near impossible.

A few other highlights that have been happening while I have been away:

- One of my closest cousin's that moved to Oregon when I was 13 contacted me recently via Facebook. The message he sent me was very heartfelt. it really touched a place that I did not realize was there. Growing up we were almost inseparable. I am excited to begin learning about his new life out there and also sharing mine. We have both grown up a lot and grown apart but that can always change.

Although, he hasn't blogged since 2009 check out his Wordpress. That is one thing I do miss about him and our relationship whenever he was around my imagination would run wild we would write and make up stories that were so ridiculous but yet so important to us. And his drawing ability is unparalleled. Take a look at some more of his work here.
- Pictures of Blue Ivy Carter. She is truly a goregous baby!

- New York Fashion Week!

- The Every Girl launches sometime this week. (tomorrow I think!) very excited what it has to offer.

- They Grammy's!
Who did you think was best dressed? - Mine were Katy Perry, Adele, Gwenyth Paltrow and my Fav was probably Kelly Osbourne She looked amazing!
What were some of your favorite performances? - I really enjoyed Rihanna's & Coldplay medely (that reminds me to download that song now ;) and Jennifer Hudson singing the Whitney Houston dedication. My heart goes out to her fmaily. She will be truly missed.

- I saw ' Safe House' & 'The Vow' both were amazing. 'The Vow' had me really feeling some kind of way... or maybe it was the Jameson & Ale.

- The Hunger Games trailer! I can't wait until this comes out in March. Maybe I should finish the 3rd book now!

- 4 Super cute DIY nail ideas.

- endings & beginnings.

- Recently uncovered pics of MM. loveee

- I know I'm late but a story Khloe Kardashian Odom blogged about that was very touching.

 Sad but this pretty much sums up my life esp. my love life right now. I mean this makes me laugh but yea... I love this quote from Justin Timberlake in 'Friends With Benefits' - " Why do relationships always start off soo fun and then turn into suck-a-bag-of-dicks?" soooo true! womp!

With that being said since it is Music Monday I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite Whitney Houston song's, 'When You Believe'. A duet with Mariah Carey.

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