Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"I've mentioned before that I'm really good at keeping my wardrobe rather small in comparison to most of my lady friends. It started in college when my friends would go on a mission trip every spring break, and you could donate clothing to them that they would take and give to people who really needed it. Makes going through your t-shirts a lot easier when you ask yourself, me or a person that actually needs it? So I try to keep that in mind to this day. I also hate having a bunch of stuff I don't wear, especially now that I live in a small condo, and not a house.

There are some exceptions to the list. Obviously I would never advise you to sell your grandmother's fur coat (or insert-special-item-here) just because you didn't wear it last year (duh!). But hello, wear it! Don't wait for an occasion to wear your nice things, create an occasion. I can honestly say, I have never gotten rid of anything that I wish I still had. I keep a few pieces of special clothing that I want to pass down to my children someday, classic pieces, nice dresses, or special items, but you have to make sure that you don't consider everything special. You can part with a lot more than your realize."

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I def need to do some organizing to my closet this year. I found it funny by her asking if you seriously need more than one drawer full of t-shirts. That is so me. I have possibly 4. That is an issue. 2012 I will do better!

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