Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday. Celebrate.

 I used to be amazing at taking pictures. To the point where people were angry I took so many. Now I suck! I am for sure going to try and do better in 2012! These are the only two pictures that were taken from New Years Eve. These were both taken from my boyfriends’ iPhone (I live vicariously through him & his iPhone since I got rid of my phone and decided to just stick with my work blackberry).
LEFT: is of me cutting out the champagne jello shots I made. They were AMAZING. And I don’t even like grape flavored desserts.
RIGHT: My boyfriend & I at our hotel before heading out. (how classic, bathroom pic) SMH!

New Years Eve eve. Out in Broad RippleVillage . It was raining and I had no umbrella so I had to use my new scarf to cover myself which of course turned into a photoshoot.

Yummy homemade Butter Christmas cookies w/ homemade cream cheese icing my mom & I made. These didn't last very long! 

I have been wanting a furry friend for the longest time now. This was a rescue dogmy neighbors gave me for Christmas. She is a 3 year old Terrier mix. I decided not to keep her since I have been wanting a puppy. But she was a great little dog, so very sweet.

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