Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday: I resolve.

I know it is almost the third week in January but better late than never right?! I have been sooo busy with The Precast Show 2013, my event I have in the building right now. Well anywho this post I will go over resolutions for 2013.

2012 was a great year. I learned a lot which is simply put. Every year we always make promises to our self that are usually very unrealistic. There is statistical data that shows only like 10% people actually go through with their resolutions. We all make huge statements then punch ourselves when we don't accomplish the task at hand. Instead we should more so focus on attitude changes and embrace the upcoming year (well in this case the current year) with energy and enthusiasm. Now I'm going to be kind of a hypocrite but it sounds good. Lol. Here are a few things I would like to focus on this year forward. I shall celebrate regardless if I get them done or not.

Plan an out of country vacation. Spend more time outside. Spend more time with family. Be nicer to myself. Visit more museums. MORE GAME NIGHTS. Take a cooking class. Drink less. Text less, call more. Learn how to straighten my own hair (I am 25). Move out of Indiana. (I know this is a huge goal but I've already been making positive tips to achieve.)

A lot of times we actually aren't supposed to HAVE everything we WANT, we usually need up with exactly what we NEED. My goal really is just to make each year better than the last. I look at it as a fresh start to reorganize and move on from the things that did not go so well from the year before.

I did start the new year off with a new style! BANGS! What do you think?

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Hope you have a wonderful week & rest of the year!!!
Love Linds

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