Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucky Thursday

I'm titling this post 'Lucky Thursday' simply because yesterday I was not so lucky. I dropped my phone, my work phone at that, in the toilet : / NOT OKAY! but my day has turned around. I let it sit in rice over night. And to answer your question, YES, this actually did work! Although, there is a slight rattle in my phone from rice that is stuck in there. haha. Anywho...

I can't remember whose blog page I was browsing on when I happened to come across this wonderful jewelry site JewelMint.

Obsessed with the vintage wallpaper, Kate’s Etro blazer and those Windsdor Earrings (Obviously).
I'm guessing Kate Bosworth is their spokesperson because she is all over their site. (I just read she actually designs the work) She stated, "JewelMint encourages individuality. We are committed to making fashion accessible and exciting to everyone."

You create a profile then they recommend pieces that cater to your specific style. It is actually pretty cool and to top it off all of their pieces are $29.99 and include free shipping. It doesn't get much better than that?

Take a look at their blog also.


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